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Allow and Let Go

This is a process of bringing welcoming attention to symptoms, allowing them to be there as important messages of your body’s distress and letting go of the meaning. Knowing that compassionate presence is changing your body’s experience of the symptoms

Say hello to each of your body parts. Be present with your symptoms, notice your resistance or any difficult feelings towards the discomfort. As you notice, you can place your hand on your heart, or imagine a loved one placing a hand on your heart and witnessing your pain. It is sad to feel so much pain. It is allowed to feel as you feel about it. You have every right. No one deserves to feel pain and it is distressing to feel pain.

As you become present to and witness your emotional suffering and allow it to be there, notice this state of being. There are two states happening in parallel, emotional pain *and* permission or presence towards that pain.

Now experiment with bringing this same approach towards your body. Be present with your symptoms in a way that is giving them permission to be there. Your body is doing it's best with the resources it has. Try to be present to its state of being, try to give full permission towards its state of being and allow your body to be where it is at.

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