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“ When I first came to Roxy I’d been helplessly battling with long-covid for around 8 months and with chronic fatigue, on-and-off, for my whole life. My expectations were low. Nothing I’d tried prior to this point had made much difference and I’m a cynical guy - how exactly would a compassionate approach prove to be effective?


Roxy’s enthusiasm for compassionate body listening won me over immediately. I’d mostly lived life in an oppositional stance towards my body and my brain. To see someone who’d been in a similar boat and had used these techniques was inspiring. Add to that Roxy’s passion, patience, and seemingly infinite kindness, and I gradually came around to the idea of what she was proposing - that I could learn to love this wonderful vessel I inhabit, understand it better, and be more responsive to its needs...

What with being a slow learner, and with this a stubborn disorder to overcome, it took a few months of progressively allowing myself to delve further into compassionate body listening. Roxy’s encouragement was vital to this. Whenever I struggled or my mind led me down some dark paths it was such a blessing to have the encouragement of Roxy behind me. Knowing the tools for healing is one thing but having someone to help teach and guide you is invaluable.


It’s quite simple for me: the more I work with these techniques, the better I feel. My capacity for daily living has increased exponentially and I’m no longer burdened with the persistent and overwhelming fatigue that has characterised most of my adult life. To be able to live with a greater degree of comfort, responding to my body’s needs, caring for myself in ways I’d never imagined, has been infinitely rewarding. And the journey of practising these routines and learning about my body continues every day.” 

—  Matt, UK

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