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Loving Awareness changes your physiology. Changing your physiology, changes your health.

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Do you want to feel normal again so that you can do the things you love?

The power of compassion can seem subtle compared to the intense physical and emotional distress that we experience over the course of their lives. However, the experience and practice of compassion is a soft power that is cumulatively extremely powerful if applied with consistency and intentional action to regulate the nervous system. Feeling safe and loved consistently, allows us to heal and make changes in our lives, to experience more joy and love from ourselves and towards others.

True compassion involves learning to be present with and hold space for all our feelings and experiences, our pain and our suffering as well as those parts of ourselves that bring us joy, with loving kindness. Coming closer to our true selves with compassion, finally allows our experiences to be held and integrated, as they are at last held with loving kindness, providing our source of comfort from within rather than looking outside of ourselves. 

What is the Compassionate Body Listening Method?

  • An approach that creates regulation in your nervous system through the comfort found from being present with your body with loving awareness

  • Trains your brain to be more loving towards yourself

  • Helps you retrain your nervous system to experience more peace and calm

  • Cultivates a healing environment within your body to enable it to recover from illness 

  • Helps you hold emotional or physical distress

  • Brings loving attention to the body and softens fearful attention

  • Develops feelings of love within your body, in spite of physical or emotional discomfort

  • Helps you to tolerate being present with your body and yourself, no matter your state of being

  • Provides a way to discern your body's unique messages about your deepest needs


Work with me

Loving Awareness changes your physiology. Changing your physiology, changes your health.


Introductory CBL Workshop

A healing session that will give you an experience of relief through the compassionate body listening process.

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12-week CBL Group Program

Compassionaate Body Listening

12-week nervous system recovery program for CFS/Long Covid 

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Individual CBL Coaching

Tailored support for implementation of the Compassionate Body Listening Method


About Roxanna

In mid 2011, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme Disease. I was bed bound for eight years, followed by two years of being housebound. During those last two years, following years of experimentation, I discovered a methodology that helped me recover that I call Compassionate Body Listening. 

By learning to hold my symptoms and feelings with compassion, they transformed. This method helped me to cultivate physiological calm in my body and I felt it shift into a healing state. Tests before and after working with this method, showed a marked reduction in inflammation in my body and that my Lyme had healed. This methodology has also brought about dramatic positive shifts in my emotional life and well being.

I have successfully helped others learn to apply this methodology and find relief from their symptoms. I continue to learn from this method and still apply it in my own life. I believe deeply that it is our birthright to be able to listen to our bodies and create our own comfort and nervous system regulation.

"Here in this body are sacred rivers, here are the sun and moon, as well as the pilgrimage places. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body."


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