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Invoking a source of unconditional love. This can be via imagining a loved one or spiritual figure through visualization and imagined sensations

This tool is best used once a certain lightness and ease has been invoked (which you can find out how to do in the previous page 'healing light visualization for symptoms'. You can then take your body into an imagined experience of great comfort and ease. This can help bring the body out of the sympathetic dominance and into a more parasympathetic state.

  • Imagine being in a memory in which you felt totally safe and loved. You can also ‘create’ a memory if you can’t access one. What does your ideal situation for feeling totally safe and loved look like? What can you hear, smell, touch, taste and/or feel?

  • An example could be waking up after a perfect night’s sleep at your grandmother’s house, in a bed totally soft and comfortable in crisp cotton sheets

  • Hang out there a while! The longer the amount of time you spend in this place the better for promoting parasympathetic dominance. And while you are there, you can imagine you are doing a deep relaxation or autogenic training

It can be very effective after doing the healing light visualization, to take this new slightly lighter body into a deeper imagine experience of deeper relaxation.

Deep-relaxation involves going through each body part and inviting it to relax. It is possible to induce a relaxed state through this method, or by using 'autogenic training' which you can find out about here.


You can enlist friends or loved ones to join you in the visualization. This can make it feel even more real and they can either physically join in with you, or you can imagine that they are. This practice is also possible to do over the phone with a friend or loved one.

Taking the visualization further into playtime
(It's good to do this once you've prepared you body to move into a calmer state using the techniques above.)

Another technique in visualization is to invent an avatar that has all the special powers and physical strength you would like to have and imagine having adventures in this different body. You can be as wild, playful and inventive with your 'imagineering' as you would like to be!

Some avatar examples:

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