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Healing light visualization for symptoms

This is very effective and helpful technique if words are difficult.

  • Start by bringing attention to your body in the areas that are painful, or feel extremely exhausted or scared/scary.

  • Examine what they look like in your mind. Imagine the colour and the density of these areas of pain

  • Now fill them with the light of love and healing. This light is brighter than any light you’ve seen or imagined before. The areas that are densest can be the most intensely bright

  • Remember you deserve this. A lighter experience, less suffering.

  • The discomfort may still be there, but it will be a little bit lighter. It feels a little better to have the experience of having some control over your situation and discovering a different way of experiencing your symptoms

  • Once this lightness has been invoked, you can take your body into an imagined experience of great comfort and ease. This can help bring the body out of the sympathetic dominance and into a more parasympathetic state. Go to the following page 'invoking a source love' for instructions about how to move into this part of the exercise.

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