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Retraining your crash triggers using NLP to switch states

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sadness inside out.png
joy inside out.png
  • Notice the sensations in your body that are difficult. You can enter into them fully and visualise them. Begin with the colour, texture or density

  • Your head can be a little down and focused solely on your fear and unpleasantness of your bodily sensations. You are in a crash state and fully experiencing the crash state

  • Now break your state. You can stand up, stamp your feet, clap your hands, click your fingers or make big sweeping shapes with your hands and then think of a memory or imagined experience that you find very accessible in which you feel completely happy, loved and safe, or in which you feel awesome, energised...

  • Repeat switching states until the sensations subside. You are confusing the neural pathway and breaking up the trigger pathway

  • Once your unpleasant sensations subside, ask your body what it would like and act on the request. Being absorbed in something happy and distracting afterwards is key!

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