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Inner Child Meditation

1. Place your hand on your heart.  You can imagine looking at yourself or talk straight to your heart and say the following words:  I love you and acknowledge the difficulty you’re experiencing. I admire your fortitude and courage. Feel love well up in your heart for yourself and your body. Send that love out into your body and imagine that love being sent back by your body like a replenishing fountain.

2. Visualise your symptoms, distress or stress response as a young child. Embrace them. Give him/her your love, the sensations of your adult strength and reassurance.​ Look them in the eyes and say: I know you are distressed right now, but I’m here for you, I am listening to your needs and I promise I will stay with you. It’s okay to be: [Insert relevant feeling or sensation here] afraid, it’s okay to be angry. I accept you as you are

3. Keep hold of your inner child until they start to relax into your embrace at the knowledge that they are being heard and will continue to be heard

4. Take your inner child by the hand and visualise walking into a field of possibility. It looks like bright light on the horizon and as you walk towards it you can start to see things that you love

5. Step into the experiences of the things that you love. Imagine that you are in your body and experiencing them with all of your senses

6. Bring these positive sensations into the present moment, into your body right now. Imagine your inner child comes to rest inside your heart. You can place your hand on your heart to reassure them that you are with with them still

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